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Safety & Emissions

Emissions & DMV Registration

  • Emissions Inspection: Our entire staff has been certified by Salt Lake County to perform emissions inspections. In Salt Lake County, yearly emissions inspection is required for most vehicles. The inspection serves a few purposes:
    • A yearly emissions inspection can help catch early warning signs of failing systems that can end up being quite expensive. However, if the problem is addressed early, repair costs can be dramatically reduced.
    • The emissions inspection program helps keep our air free from dangerous toxins. It also helps control several types of emissions that can cause damage to the ozone layer.
    • Keeping your emissions in check actually lowers your carbon footprint and increases your gas mileage.
  • DMV Registration: Going to the DMV can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. We are a certified DMV station, which means, most vehicle registration renewals can be performed here without the hassle of visiting the DMV.
  • Safety Inspection: While not required by law (except for salvage titles), having regular safety inspection performed on your vehicle can actually save your life. There are several systems that, when they begin to fail, can cause loss of control of your vehicle. Schedule regular safety inspections and add just that much more to your every-day peace of mind.
Electrical & Environmental

Electrical & Environmental

  • Electrical: We diagnose and repair issues with your vehicles electrical and digital systems. Modern vehicles are becoming more and more dependent on digital logic and electronic control of crucial systems. Not only are these systems notoriously difficult to diagnose, but they can be easily damaged by technicians who are not with them. Our technicians have been trained to diagnose and repair these systems eficiently and safely.
  • Heater: The heater is crucial in the winter time. A broken heating system is not only uncomfortable, but can actually be dangerous. Keeping your vehicle warm in the winter keeps ice off the windows and the occupants comfortable and free from the distraction of the cold.
  • A/C: Utah gets extremely hot in the summer. Diagnosing and repairing the A/C involves diagnosing and repairing the issue, the extraction of the coolant, reapplying vaccuum to the coolant lines, and properly injecting coolant back into the system.

NEW VEHICLE OWNERS / 2017 & NEWER Vehicle manufactuerers have begun using a new coolant for the A/C called 1234YF. B3nji's Auto Repair is among the first to obtain the proper machine for extracting and injecting this coolant.

Engine & Transmission Repair

Engine & Transmission Repair

  • Engine Repairs: The combustion engine is a high precision piece of machinery which is constantly subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures. It's not uncommon for something to go wrong - especially in older vehicles. Engine repairs can vary widely from a simple gasket replacement to replacing pistons and valves.
  • Engine Rebuilds: The level of detail performed on an engine rebuild is often up to the customer. Some rebuild packages are fairly inexpensive but only require replacing a few bearings and seals. Others are more complex, requiring a greater level of detail.
  • Transmission Repairs: Transmissions are brilliant feats of engineering. That aside, they are still prone to wear and breakage. More often than not, the customer opts to replace the transmission. However, sometimes circumstances are such that a rebuild may be a more feasable option.
  • Transmission Rebuilds: Like the engine, transmission rebuilds can range from a few minor replacements to a full gutting and rebuild of the entire transmission aparatus.
  • Transmission Flush: Having your tranmission flushed according to the time intervals designated by your owner's manual is not just good practice - it can save you thousands down the road. Failing to keep your transmissions fluid clean and full can cause serious damage to it.
Oil Change & Tune-up

Oil Change & Tune-up

  • Oil Change: Regularly changing your oil will extend the life of your engine as well as increase you gas mileage. There are two options when it comes to changing your vehicle's oil:
    • Regular oil: Should be changed every 3,000 miles or 3 months (whichever comes first)
    • Synthetic oil: Should be changed about every 5,000 miles or 5 months (whichever comes first)
  • Tune-up: The basic tune-up consists of three main services:
    • Ignition system: Replacing sparkplugs, plug wires, and spark coils.
    • Belts and Hoses: Replace serpentine & timing belts and hoses.
    • Fluids & Filters: Topping off and/or replacing various fluids and their filters.
Tires / Suspension / Alignment / Brakes

Tires / Alignment / Suspension / Brakes

  • Tire Change: Replacing old tires is a good idea. It helps with gas mileage and safety. When tires are replaced, we take care to balance each new fitted tire an perform an alignment.
  • Tire Repair: Sometimes a nail in your tire can be quickly and effectively remedied. Patching a tire is a cheap and fast proceedure.
  • Wheel Repair: Faulty bearings or broken axels can cause major problems, and in extreme cases, personal injury. It's a safe precaution to have your technician check your wheels during your regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Alignment: A vehicle with poor alignment can wear down brand new tires in a hurry. Regular alignment adjustments are highly recommended.
  • Brakes & ABS: Brakes are another highly recommended service. Bad brakes can damage your rotors irreparably. They can lock up on the road, or worse - fail to respond at all. Brake inspections should be a part of your vehicle's reguarly scheduled maintenance.
  • Suspension: The suspension system is a complex system that takes the majority of abuse. Making sure this system is functioning properly can not only save your life, but it helps with your gas mileage and can save you a lot of repair work that otherwise becomes necessary if the suspension system is ignored.